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Welcome AND THANKS to go thru our  COMPANY NEWSLETTER  (Frequency –  Once a month)  with latest updates as on date.

We all are WORKING FROM HOME in current situation  and it will / may  prevail so for next few days or so. 

Life never stops and we all are working from home now.  This week too we had concluded 2 orders on conference video call (We / Customer / Our principle –  3 of us discussed together). We request you to go thru next few pages and in case of any TECHNICAL / TECHNOCOMMERCIAL  discussions  we can connect over our SKYPE  (ID-  sharad.avasthi)  or on whatsapp no.s +91-9958199762 or +91-  8178907557,  whichever way is comfortable to you.

Our this  NEWSLETTER is in 3 parts now –

Part I  –  Some of our CREATED references /  customers as on date  (Exclusive from SHARDA ENGINEERS,  FARIDABAD)

Part II-  Our main activities / product range /principles/application areas /       WIN WIN points / you tube links etc etc.

Part III-  Latest updated  list of  USED  machines (Immediate delivery at very reasonable prices  AND DIRECT interface to end users).  

We have completed our 30 month + of independent working since our company establishment  and with support of many kind and valuable customers like you we had created significant milestones in market of ALL KINDS OF SHEET METAL PROCESSING MACHINES  & PLATE PROCESSING MACHINES  (almost complete range)  &  will continue to do so  with better and better hands holdings for WIN

WIN relationship and clear understanding of application areas. We remains.

We also invite your valuable suggestions to make this NEWSLETTER effort much more effective / 2 way communications. Look forward for your views.

Best Regards,

Sharad Avasthi (Managing Director)

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Part- I

  1. Cnc tube laser cutting machine-  2 No.s

At  SVARN INFRATEL, Faridabad plant we had executed  orders of 2 tube laser cutting machines (6 METER long from 16- 160 mm DIA with RAYCUS 1 KW LASER SOURCE)  in INRs / Executed / Imported / Installed / Commissioned / Trained by US.

Both Machines have been working round the clock to manufacture retail outlet components in mass volumes since past 2 months.

  •  CNC sheet laser cutting machine  (JQ1530E- 1 KW- RAYCUS)-

Machine has been installed at RBS GROUP, Kalaamb (H.P.) and commissioning is due on resumption of working days.

Video link-

Actual installation site pics will be shared in our next edition.

  •  JQ 6016L +  JQ1530AP (1.5 KW with shuttle table and covers)  at  AC Brothers, Moradabad

C-1-  CNC TUBE LASER CUTTING MACHINE (6016 L  with semi auto loader and 3 meter long unloader with 4 wheels)

1 kw raycus laser source, 6 meter long.

AC Bros is a leading manufacturer / exporter of furniture’s and special metal applications.

C2  –  Sheet laser cutting machine (1530 AP with shuttle table and covers – 1.5 KW  with RAYCUS laser source)

  • D-1

JQ 1530 AP -1.5 KW RAYCUS with shuttle table and covers (PPS International, Greater Noida) –

We have installed a JQ1530AP – 1.5 KW  raycus laser source  –  Laser cutting machine at PPS International, Greater Noida.  Machine has been working there since AUGUST 2019  to their entire satisfaction. 

D-2 –  CNC PRESS BRAKE- 160 T  with delem controller / 6 axis  (Y1/Y2/X/R/Z1/Z2)+ 4  Front support arms on  LM  guide +  Back covers

D-3-   Very soon JQ LASER WELDING (1.5 KW)  will be commissioned there and in transit.

  • Fully automatic TUBE LASER CUTTING MACHINE  (6020EN)   with AUTO LOADER (4 TON TUBES)  and  UNLOADER  has been installed and commissioned in SAHIBABAD AREA.
  •  Tool grinder for tooling’s of turret punch press –

AMBIT SWITCHGEAR, G. NOIDA  –   installed and commissioned 12  months ago  (Feb -2019). 

They do have 2 Amada Turret Punch Presses  (EM 2510  and  AC 2510).

Site  video –     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwIioOG8tZ8


We have supplied AUTO TOOL GRINDER in SPRAY TECHNICS, NOIDA too in  MAY 2019.  They do have AMADA EM 2510 NT  and  FINNPOWER TPP .  Working videos are as under –


We have also commissioned AUTO  TOOL GRINDER to  PARSWA  EXPORTS,   NOIDA in SEPT  2019.  They do have  AMADA AC 2510 NT  machine with them.

Site video-  https://youtu.be/JPc9B4hjIqE

  1.  Deratech 450 T tandem press brakes at KAMAL COACHES, JAIPUR –

Deratech installation at  KAMAL COACHES,  JAIPUR  can be viewed on –

450  Tons / 4  meters CNC press brakes working  in tandem

DERATECH  machines are of  great EUROPEAN  class.  Highly reliable and performance driven.  With  32 installations all over india  DERATECH  is well set to  increase their market share in  INDIA  and to get quality conscious customers.  We are their partner in NORTH INDIA  (Details mentioned on –  https://www.deratechgroup.com/contact/)

Few more DERATECH PRESS BRAKES are under transit  (just ordered)  and in next editions we will share site pics and videos.

Above are only some of our created references and it is not a complete list-  please note.  With all our customers we enjoy excellent relationship with long term vision.

Part- II

We MAINLY deals in (NEW  MACHINES/ PROJECTs) as below details  –

**  JQ  range of  TUBE LASER CUTTING  and  METAL  sheet LASER cutting machines  (www.jqlaser.com)

About company –

www.jqlaser.com   (website)


JQ Tube laser cutting machines –

With complete auto loader  (4 tons of tubes- in bundle) / unloader –

FLT 6016 L –  (with semi auto loader and unloaders)

Combined Machine-

JQ Sheet laser cutting machines –

JQ laser welding machines

Many more such  videos on  [email protected]   (YouTube account of JQ LASER)

JQ Laser welding machine has been installed and commissioned with a known NORTH INDIA  customers.  INDIAN CUSTOMERS are replacing MIG and  TIG  welding traditional weldings with Laser welding  with very clean lines and no need for grinding.  It is a latest global welding trend.

Samples are available with us in our office and do u wants to visit any of installations before finalising order, we will be pleased to arrange the same.

Advantages-  One of the best known global brands from CHINA.  Highly reliable and having 29 machines already working in INDIA market to entire satisfaction of customers. JQ  Laser tube cutting and sheet cutting machines are good for consistent performance and  real value for money. We also have performance letters from our end users (using machines from 3-4 years),  which may be shared on demand from customers.

Service engineer s (direct JQ LASER employees) are already being based in our office since past 9 months  and within 24  hours service support can be provided with fully backed up online support from CHINA JQ HO.  They had rigorous training in  JQ  works in CHINA  and also commissioned few machines at his own . We also keep laser consumables stock with us and fast moving spare parts stock with us and highly committed to give INSTANT AFTER SALES SUPPORT by all means

Await for your kind reply /  valuable RFQs. 

**  AUTO TOOL GRINDER for accurate grinding of tools (microns level) of TURRET PUNCH PRESS

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0cknaKfHRY   –   Machine video

We have already supplied many  AUTO TOOL GRINDERS, (Imported, Supplied , and commissioned BY us with TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY in  INRs +  1 year warranty support +  Support as and when required ) by us WITH few customers in NCR.

Few more such machines on TRANSIT  now  and will get commissioned very soon  (Amada / Trumpf / Muratec / LVD users).  All our USERS  are highly satisfied.

Advantages –

Your  TPP tools of imported brands are very costly  and  micron level accuracy  grinding of tools  help to increase life of costly tools greatly  and also it helps in punching jobs accuracy.  Before our  these esteemed customers were getting grinding done from outside and material removal was 0.5-  0.7  mm and also in taper.   From tool life saving itself entire machine cost can be recovered quickly /  faster payback as compared to normal surface grinder. 

AFAB Riveting Machines –

Few machines are already in market.

AFAB  Self clinching machine –

Few machines are already in market and working to entire satisfaction of customers.

** Deratech,Europe range of products  (www.deratechgroup.com)

DERATECH  group is highly reputed in sheet metal working machines  such as CNC PRESS BRAKES / SHEARING MACHINES / TURRET PUNCH PRESSES / CNC LASER CUTTING machines.

Now they  have,  a state of the art factory of 25000m² with all modern equipment to build high-end machinery, it will save us a lot of time for logistics and make the QC easier.

Deratech installation at  KAMAL COACHES,  JAIPUR  can be viewed on –

450  Tons / 4  meters CNC press brakes working  in tandem

Advantages –  DERATECH  machines are of  great EUROPEAN  class.  Highly reliable and performance driven.  With  26 installations all over india  DERATECH  is well set to  increase their market share in  INDIA  and to get quality conscious customers.  We are their partner in NORTH INDIA  (Details mentioned on –  https://www.deratechgroup.com/contact/)

** BLM , Italy range of  machines  (www.blmgroup.it)

BLM Group, Italy

Vast range of Tube Processing machines  (www.blmgroup.it)

Highly reputed company for TUBE Bending and End-Forming / Laser cutting for Tubes and sheet metal / Wire bending / Sawing etc etc  (Having 30 installations all over INDIA  and  few more machine on transit)

Advantages-   BLM  is a very  well-known EUROPEAN brand  for  highly reliable and super productive machines of its own class.  Metafil,  Manesar is using  3  BLM  machines  (2  Laser cutting including one combination machine for sheet and tubes and a WIRE  bending machine).  Customer is highly satisfied and  running cost / electricity consumption is very low justifying investment on machines.  Other satisfied customers in NCR are  SENIOR INDIA, MANESAR (tube bending  work for HONDA) and   Bellis Hardware, Noida  (Tube bending machine for furniture jobs).

About  BLM Group’s Tube bending machines

BLM BC 80  Machine  (high speed tube cutting and chamfering machine) –

New possibilities with BLM’s Laser Tube Cutting machines

End forming –


https://www.blmgroup.com/en/archive-inspired-for-tube   (Above internal publications of  BLM  are highly helpful  to know latest GLOBAL  technological updates.  Please go thru the same since our  market too is getting constantly updated).

Scrap Compactor  Machines from  Rajkot  

As all METAL  WORKING SHOPS have serious SCRAP handling issue –  How painful it is weather its machining scrap OR  sheet metal scrap.  This solution helps in –

Compacting scrap thus minimizing overall volume.

More space in vehicle means saving freight charges

Compacting scrap increases scrap value to  1  Rs. Per kg

Reduce injuries to helper / workers.

** All solutions in Laser   (We provide consultancy services too and helped customers on application issues on TURNKEY BASIS AND to get them right machines with right scope) –  Executed few such projects already in NORTH INDIA.

** All solutions in PRESS BRAKES / SHEARS / TPPs  (from our vast background we had executed few projects in recent past).

**  Press brake tooling’s from  EUROSTAMP, Italy.  Highly  reliable  PRESS BRAKE tooling’s from Italy  and we have already supplied few sets to our some valuable customers with highly  reasonable prices.

**  Tooling’s of  TURRET PUNCH PRESSES  (AFAB  Toolings, CHINA).  Already our tooling’s are working in many customer places  satisfactorily. 

**  Mechanical ,Hydraulic, SERVO,  Reconditioned presses of any capacity / Types   (C type /  Double C type / semi H frame / H frame presses / C frame.

Press line / Tandem press line / 4  point Tandem press line / Blanking press line / progressive press line / Transfer press line / Hot forming presses / Servo progressive presses /  servo transfer presses –   Much better quality /  reliability  / Price performance ratio factors.

**  CNC Gas and plasma cutting machines  (Any table / gantry sizes).

**  Plate rolling machines / Tube bending machines.

**  CTL / SLITTING lines /  Straighteners.

**  Plate drilling SPMs  (14 sets already in operation for jobs like plate filters of high thicknesses for buildeing material).

**  Welding SPMs  (as per your reqmts).

**   Any machinery as per your  reqmt  (From our WIDE global network) 

More details / updates  on our website  www.shengg.in   (We do handle ANY and all machines related with SHEET METAL  and  PLATES).

We look forward for your valuable  RFQ /  Continued support as always.

Part- III  (Used Machines-  Immediate delivery @ reasonable prices  )

We  also deal in USED machines (with very reasonable prices and conditions / support).



Demand-  INR  10  CRORES  (Negotiable)

As on date stock update  (As on 25-3-2020)   (Used Machines stock) are as under –

  • Location–  Faridabad /  Demand-  8 Lacs/  YOM – 2009/ IN Operation
  • / Location-  Faridabad / Demand-  7  Lacs/ YOM-  2009 / In operation
  • / Location-  Rajasthan / Demand-  27.5  Lacs/ YOM-  1995 / In operation
  •   / Location-  Faridabad / Demand-  38 Lacs/ YOM- 2000/ operational
  • / Location – Faridabad /  Demand-  9.5  Lacs/ YOM -2000/ operational
  • / Location-  Faridabad /  Demand –  10.5  Lacs/ YOM- 2000/ operational
  • Uttarakhand /  Demand-  61 Lacs / YOM- 2001/ operational
  • / Location-  South /  Demand –  32 Lac/ YOM- 1990/ operational
  • –  LVD  / Location – South /  Demand –  92 Lacs/ YOM- 1991/ operational
  • KW  /Location-  Faridabad / Demand- Negotiable/ YOM-  2008/ operational
  •   /Location-  Faridabad /  Demand –  70 L (55+20)  / YOM-  2006 / operational
  • Location – Faridabad /  Demand –  18 Lakhs/ YOM – 1996/ operational

SN       Materials Description           Make   Condition       Year    Location         Asking price

1          ION EXCHANGE – DM Water Plant   Ion Exchange Working          2010   Manesar          1,00,000

2 Surface/ Tool Cutter Grinder with coolant pump 300x150x200  with motor            JMT     Working            2011   Manesar             40,000

3.         Indcon Heatless Compressed Air Dryer 100 M3/Hr at 7.7 Kg/Cm2g      Indcon            Dismantled but Working          2002   Manesar             35,000

4          Variable Voltage Auto Transformer 415 v /600 v 100 Amps       Green Dot       Working          2010            Manesar                75,000

5          140 kVA GenSet Powered By  Mahindra Navistar             Mahindra        New     2019   Faridabad            6,30,000

6 160 kVA GenSet Powered By  Mahindra Navistar          Mahindra        New     2019   Faridabad       6,60,000

7 Compressor ( Inbuilt Air Dryer and Air  Reciever-500 Liter)                                               Make- Atlas Copco .  Product Model -GA22 FF TM ,  Max Final Pressure-7.2 Bar,    Free Air Delivery- 60.2 L/s, ( 130 CFM)                                                                 Motor Capacity-22 kW          Atlas Copco    Working          2011   Faridabad       3,25,000

8 Compressor without Air Dryer & air receiver                                                      Make- Atlas Copco . Product Model -GA 22 F MP ,  Max Final Pressure-7.2 Bar,    Free Air Delivery- 60.2 L/s (130 CFM), motor capacity-22 kW       Atlas Copco    Not Working   2007   Faridabad       50,000

14        JIB crane 3.5 TONE  S. Crane Engg. Works           Dismantled but Working      2009   Faridabad            1,90,000

All above machines-  Instant dealings with face to face meeting with direct seller /  machines liftings /  engineering supports  (In recent past we have concluded couple of such deals  successfully) – 

Important  Note-  To save your and our precious time from all sides we request only  Genuine  Buyers to get in touch & to get into further interactions. For information seekers all information is as above. It takes lot of time and efforts to line up / coordinate ALL ARRANGEMENTS.  Hope that it will be appreciated / understood well in a positive way.

Best Regards,

Sharad Avasthi (M.D.)

+91-8178907557 /9958199762

M/s. Sharda Engineers,

A-1,Plot no.- 68,  Himalaya Building,

Sector -68,  IMT


E-Mail –  [email protected]  /   [email protected]

Web-  www.shengg.in

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